Learn about Pollinators with Polli, the Bee from Tennessee

Fun interactive lessons for students, with activities and projects, and Educator resources.

Illustration of Polli, the mascot for the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program

Hi! I'm Polli!

I'm the bee from Tennessee and the mascot for the TDOT Pollinator Habitat Program.

TDOT is actively promoting pollinator education and has developed interactive lessons and videos, associated to Tennessee K-12 academic standards for science, featuring me and my pollinator friends! We hope that Tennessee Educators, students, and the public enjoy learning more about us and our impact in the state and the world!

Videos & Lessons

  • Lesson 1 Meet the Pollinators
  • Lesson 2 Where Pollinators Live
  • Lesson 3 Changing Environment
  • Lesson 4 Food & Pollinators
  • Lesson 5 The Buzz on Bees
  • Lesson 6 Global Pollination